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Campaigns in Cogmento CRM

Campaigns in Cogmento CRM are series of timed communications sent to individuals, allowing for targeted and personalized engagement with your contacts. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a campaign.

Creating Content Templates

Before creating a campaign, you first need to create the content templates that will be sent as part of the campaign. Content templates can be created in the Content Templates screen, accessible from the Settings menu.

Content templates

These templates can contain tags that will be replaced with data from the records when the campaign is executed. To input a tag, simply type the ‘@’ character, and a dropdown menu will appear to help you complete the tag.

Setting Up a Campaign

When creating a campaign, you need to decide if this will be an email or SMS campaign. Based on this, you will select a transport method (how the content will be delivered). For email campaigns, this would be an outgoing email account, and for SMS, a previously purchased mobile number.

Campaign setup

Adding Subscribers

Campaigns can have subscribers added to them explicitly, or they can use a previously saved search filter to include individuals who meet the filter’s criteria. This feature allows the campaign’s subscriber list to be dynamic, as contacts can fall in and out of the filter at any time, based on their current data.

To add a contact explicitly, click the campaign icon in the contact toolbar:

Contact toolbar campaign

and select the campaign to add to:

Add contact to campaign

Scheduling Your Campaign

The final step in setting up a campaign is scheduling. This sets the timing for the message delivery. For example, you could choose to send an email when a user joins the campaign (either by explicit subscription or by matching the filter criteria), followed by a different piece of content two days later.

Campaign schedule

Using campaigns in Cogmento CRM, you can automate and personalize your communication, allowing for a more efficient and tailored approach to your engagement strategies.