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Data Templates in Cogmento CRM

Data templates in Cogmento CRM are a crucial feature that allows you to define and customize how your data is structured and presented in your records. A new account is initially assigned a default set of templates, which are designed to cater to most general business requirements.

In the future, we’ll be introducing additional templates to better serve specific industries or verticals, such as automotive or real estate.

Managing Data Templates

To access and manage your data templates, you will need to navigate to the Configuration screen, which is located in the Settings area of the application.

Once you’re on the Configuration screen, you’ll be able to:

Remember, any changes you make in the Configuration screen will be reflected in the corresponding records in your CRM. This means that customizing your data templates allows you to create a CRM experience that’s perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Adding Fields to Data Templates in Cogmento CRM

The ability to add and customize fields in your data templates allows you to capture precisely the data you need for your business operations. Cogmento CRM provides a variety of field types that can be added to your templates:

Adding a field to a data template is straightforward:

Open the Settings screen:

Settings Menu

and select the Configuration tab. There you can select any of the data templates from the left:

Configuration Main

The template screen looks like a regular record form, with added controls:

Template Form

Click on the “Add Field” button or option, and choose the type of field you wish to add from the provided list:

Add field

Configure the field settings. Each field type offers specific controls, including:

Add field form

After you’ve added and configured a field, it will appear in all records based on that template. Remember, you can drag and drop fields to rearrange them within your template. This ensures that your data is always presented in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Customizing your data templates with additional fields enables you to capture a wide range of data, ensuring that your CRM is a perfect fit for your specific business needs.

Additional configuration

From the configuration screen you can also select a few other global configuration options. For example you can control the list of deal stages:

Deal Stages