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Filtering Data in Cogmento CRM

Cogmento CRM allows you to create detailed filters for your records. This feature provides you with the ability to fine-tune your data view and get the exact information you need.

Creating Filters

A filter is constructed of multiple criteria rows. To view filters, click the Show Filter button in each section’s grid page:

Show Filter button

To create a filter, add a criteria row. In each row, you can select:

If the field you are filtering is a lookup into another field, you can choose which subfield in the lookup to use for the filter.

For example:


Selecting Columns

In addition to filtering records, you can also customize your data view by selecting the columns you’d like to display in the search results. For example, you could choose to only display first and last name, company, and company position for contacts.

Column Selection

Saving and Using Filters

Once you’ve set your filter and column preferences, you can save this configuration for future use. These saved views can be accessed from a dropdown on each section’s grid page, allowing you to quickly apply complex filters with just a few clicks:

Saved Views

Moreover, saved searches can also be used in campaigns to create live subscription lists. This feature allows you to dynamically adjust your campaign audience based on real-time data changes.

By using filters in Cogmento CRM, you gain full control over your data, ensuring that you always have access to the most relevant and necessary information.